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Panasonic Creates “Projection Lighting”

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Space Player

And now for something completely different…Panasonic brings out the Space Player, an innovative type of lighting equipment which combines the functions of traditional lighting and video projection for interior and exterior spaces.

Space Player uses utilizes projected visuals for lighting in public spaces such as museums and retail applications. For example, the projection spotlight can spot light an object while projecting video or product descriptions onto the surrounding space.

Panasonic will even offer video content for the Space Player.

Space Player in Action

The design is in the shape of a spotlight, allowing it to fit in any surroundings, the Space Player adopts a wiring duct installation method, a structure where the lighting direction can be freely changed and the ability to playback from SD cards or over a Wi-Fi network. These features make the Space Player easy to install in stores and facilities. The Space Player will be available in black and white.

Panasonic said it will not only sell the Space Player unit, but provide total ambient lighting solutions for entire spaces by offering the Space Player in combination with its suite of other lighting products.

The projector itself utilizes a laser (blue diode) light source for 1000 lumens of brightness. It has WXGA resolution and is a DLP projector.

It’s refreshing to see a maker create a new product category that integrators can add to their repertoire.

Go Space Player, a New Business Category