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Discontinuous Improvement


Alastair Dryburgh, management consultant and rAVe Europe contributor is in a contest to publish his manifesto and we can help by adding our votes…

"Continuous improvement is a good discipline, but sometimes it just isn't enough. If you are behind the curve, or your market is changing too fast, or you are just too ambitious be satisfied with slow steady progress then you need to do something discontinuous.

Discontinuous improvement is often safer than it seems, while continuous improvement may be more dangerous than it appears. In times of rapid change, continuously improving something which the market no longer values may be the worst possible thing to do.

The manifesto will inspire business owners and managers to raise their sights, giving them a range of techniques for achieving discontinuous improvements in a wide range of areas..."

If you click to vote, we’ll pass on a link to a cost-free pre-publication draft of this manifesto about how to bring innovation to your company approach.

Vote to Publish the Discontinuous Improvement Manifesto