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HES Adds Technospot, Shows Indigo

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Last year at Pro Light +Sound expo, High End Systems (a Barco company) showed the intellaspot automated luminaire. This year HES showed its innovative “indigo highlighter” feature that provides designers with additional LED output from the fixture and increases the layering abilities of the large exiting aperture fixture. This feature utilizes four 1-watt indigo LEDs mounted discretely to the front of the fixture.

High End Systems also unveiled the Technospot. With output from a 575 watt discharge lamp, the Technospot is a full featured, hard-edge automated luminaire “available at a lower price point than other fixtures in its class.” With a large exiting aperture, impressive zoom range, and extensive effects, HES says the Technospot brings professional touring features to clubs, small theatres, and the like.

Experts from High End Systems were on hand to demonstrate the latest software release for the Wholehog line of consoles. Software version 3.2.0 empowers users of the Wholehog 3, Road Hog Full Boar, Road Hog, and Hog 3PC systems by adding new features and enhancements geared towards increasing productivity and creativity. This release includes many features requested by programmers: highlights include network tracking and failover, color coding of data, keystroke macros, and more.