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Elation Introduces Art SSC 1024-Channel DMX

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The Art SSC from Elation Professional controls lighting in permanent installations. A 1024-channel DMX command-line controller, the Art SSC lets you program, operate, record, playback and schedule light shows, in one low-maintenance solid-state unit with no moving parts . . . AND without requiring a computer.

Built for architectural lighting, outdoor applications, nightclubs, hotels, museums, cruise ships, theme parks and other permanent installations, the Art SSC features two 512-DMX channel universes, as well as one DMX Input. The DMX Outputs and Input are optically isolated from each other for secure, interference-free performance.

Featuring web client browser control, the Art SSC is easy to program and operate via its industry-standard command-line interface. When connected to a web browser, the unit becomes a 1024-channel lighting controller that can handle up to 256 scenes with programmable fade and hold times.

The Art SSC also includes a DMX and Art-Net recorder that can record and store up to 16 tracks, each with 1024 channels. Multiple tracks can be played back, each with individual control, loop and function.

Equipped with an astronomic clock, the Art SSC can programmed to trigger events by date, time, day of the week, and sunrise or sunset, making it great for both indoor and outdoor lighting control. Plus, thanks to its advanced system integration logic, it can interact with other types of controllers.

“Lighting projects are becoming increasingly more complex today, and many involve interaction between different types of gear or the use of several different operating protocols,” says Eric Loader, director of sales. “The Art SSC has been designed to handle these types of situations. Not only can it be programmed to trigger events and actions from other controllers and incoming signals, it also can convert protocols between any physical port, like DMX or MIDI, and any Ethernet-based protocol like Art-Net, UDP or OSC. Basically, any input can be connected to any output, giving users total flexibility.”

The Art SSC is also compatible with VisualTouch touchscreen interface software, for “non-technical” users to operate it as a standalone playback controller.

Designed to fit a wide range of applications, the Art SSC can be used as a desktop unit or Din-Rail mounted with an optional adapter.

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