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FMZ-SS Series Scalable Management Software for NSR Recorders

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Sony SMS

Sony’s new Scalable Management Software (SMS) views and controls Sony NSR and RSM recording products for security camera monitoring.

It can be used to connect up to 1000 Sony NSR-500 and/or NSR-1000 series recorders across multiple monitoring sites and allows for scalable monitoring systems – adding cameras on-the-fly. In addition, multiple site surveillance with a single system can be centralized. It’s a web-based client and includes map integration with virtual tracking feature that allows the user to associate multiple cameras in close proximity.

In case you aren’t aware of the Sony security system, the NSR-500 is Sony’s 16-channel full-HD network surveillance recorder that’s available in two models: the NSR-500 with no internal hard disk drive (you connect your own third-party drive or perform real-time management and monitoring) and the NSR-500/4T with 4TB internal hard disk drive. The number of hard disk drive (HDD) units can be increased to achieve your required storage capacity. RAID levels can also be selected according to your precise requirements for reliability.

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