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Museums: The Magic Volume

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Magic Volume

As more and more museums include multimedia in their exhibitions, noise pollution in those museums is now a real issue.

To remain effective, museums should want exhibits to be heard by visitors in the moment-- and at no other time. If noise pollution is not considered at the planning stage of an exhibition, then retro-fitting counter-measures can be costly and complicated.

With that background, RSF now combine a number of different products from their ProDAP range to offer a system they call Magic Volume. Sound then plays at a low enough level to attract people without disturbing them, but as a visitor approaches the exhibit then the volume will automatically increase for a predetermined length of time.

If you are familiar with RSF, you may have already heard of their MicroRAD, MiniAMP, and MicroSpeakers. Now these products can be put together to create a Magic Volume system that offers many advantages for both visitors and museum staff, including:

  • Reduced overall noise level.
  • More efficient use of energy
  • Adds an interactive element for the visitor
  • No need for action from staff
  • Easy installation even when adapting existing systems

To better explain their Magic Volume, RSF has produced a comparison document on possible solutions to the noise pollution issue with their respective pros and cons.

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