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Kontiki Enterprise Video Suite


With the advent of hybrid solutions for video, pure hardware solutions are a thing of the past—says Kontiki with the launch of their Kontiki Enterprise Video Suite.

Their Kontiki Enterprise Video Suite utilizes existing network infrastructure, along with its proprietary delivery technology, to distribute video across the extended enterprise.

Unlike hybrid solutions, which offer a mix of software and hardware, Kontiki is a cloud solution for pervasive video.

As a cloud solution, the Kontiki Enterprise Video Suite helps businesses realize:

  • Scalability – up and running in days or weeks (vs. months or years) Kontiki says its cloud solution deploys 75% faster compared to hybrid solutions.
  • Cost benefit – Requires no hardware or bandwidth purchase. Subscription-based pricing offers economical alternative at (Kontiki says: 50% of the cost of hybrid solutions).
  • Single vendor – No need to clunk together a bunch of disparate point solutions and partners. The more parties involved, the more problems and more annoying finger-pointing.
  • Full integration –with both webcasting and enterprise portal applications. Also Integrates easily with other third-party enterprise tools, such as Microsoft Lync, SharePoint and SalesForce Chatter.
  • Unlimited use – Self-service applications make it simple for anyone in the organization to use, regardless of location.

Reaction has been good. “We at Nestle are big believers in the power of enterprise video as a means to engage employees,” says Pete Blackshaw, Global Head of Digital and Social Media at Nestle. “Kontiki’s cloud-based video solution has played an integral role in helping us achieve our goal of making video pervasive across Nestle.”

“I recently read someone paid over $9 million for a hybrid solution,” summarizes Dan Vetras, President and CEO of Kontiki. “It’s a travesty that anyone should pay that much money, when they can have a much better solution, deployed in one fourth of the time, for less than half the cost with Kontiki.”

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