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Wacom and "Flipped Classroom"

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From the USA, we learned about "Flipped Classroom" when Wacom applauded Randy Brown, third grade teacher in the state of Washington, for his creative use of Wacom tablets and other technology in his classroom.

This modern concept of education—enabled by AV-- will also make its way to Europe.

The "Flipped Classroom" concept takes lecture-style teaching and literally "flips" it around. In the case of Mr. Brown, he records his lessons on a video and his students watch and listen to his instructional piece using the classroom's AVRS (Audio Visual Recording Studio).

"It creates two of me in the classroom," says Brown. "There's the digital, recorded me and there's the live, in-classroom me." While one portion of his class of 26 students is reviewing a video, another portion is able to receive personalized and focused help from Mr. Brown.

Students rotate like this through the day and cover all subjects including reading, writing and math. This direct student-to-teacher contact provides immediate assistance with class work and really helps struggling students improve their skills. Video instruction is also ideal for students who have missed class, due to another school event, illness, etc. The format is particularly helpful for difficult subject matters too, as students can watch the video multiple times, even at home.

Mr. Brown uses his Wacom Intuos tablet for annotation and problem solving during the video creation process and for his in-class lessons. He enjoys the feel and response of the pressure-sensitive pen as well as the speed at which he is able to create content. Students also find the pen tablet to be an easy and fun way to work on writing and problem-solving skills on the computer.

Randy Brown recently received the prestigious Golden Apple award which honors educators, programs and schools making a positive difference in Washington state education.

Watch Randy Brown Flips the Classroom