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Apple Buys Next-Gen LED Display Technology

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Apple Shine

The Company That Put “i” In Front of Electronics may well add a new word to the English dictionary. That would be “iQuisition.”

That’s right, an iQuistion (if it survives spell checkers) is an acquisition bought quietly without public disclosure. As in last month, when Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said on an earnings call that Apple has acquired 24 different companies in the last 18 months, although several of those acquisitions were unannounced and unidentified by the public.

iQuistion art

Now we know one of those companies is LuxVue Technologies. A stealth-minded start-up whose lack of a web site probably appealed to the secretive Apple management, LuxVue makes screens displays using next-generation micro light-emitting diode technology.

LuxVue holds patents for micro-LED displays that are brighter and use less power than current screens. The company, based in Santa Clara, Calif., raised more than $43 million (including $25m last December.) Apple didn’t say how much it paid, but we are guessing around $100 million depending upon certain financial and employee compensation options.

How valuable is the LuxVue display technology?Hard to know, but LuxVue was thought to be a supplier to Google Glass.

iWearable concept

According to Mashable, the LuxVue VP of technology, Kapil Sakariya, was formerly an Apple engineer. From 2006 to 2008, he was a display architect on the iPhone, iPod, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. From 2008 to 2011, his job was the group manager for iPhone Operations and Procurement.

So is the LuxVue acquisition for the iPhone? iPad? Or both? Or, as some speculation has it, for the fabled “iWatch”? The LuxVue technology, according to a public statement by venture capitalist and investor John Doerr, is very suitable for curved screens.

Apple says it is “comfortable in expanding the number of things we’re working on and so we’ve been doing that in the background and we’re not ready yet to pull the string on the curtain.”

You mean the “iCurtain,” don’t you?

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