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HP’s Role in the Film Industry

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At the annual Cannes Film Festival, most eyes were on the red carpets instead of the technology.

HP says HP technology is in play throughout the movie-making process—from the initial creative to film distribution to the Big Data of analyzing audience reactions.

And at least one famous Hollywood CEO agrees. Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO, DreamWorks Animation says, “It would not be possible for us today to make the movies that we make without having a state-of-the-art technology platform provided for us from soup to nuts by HP.”

The explosion of mobile, social and digital technology is revolutionizing every industry and the movie industry is no exception. It is this triumvirate of technologies that gives HP a role on center stage.

  • HP workstations provide increased productivity with video processing and capacity.
  • HP DreamColor Display technology creates graphics, producing up to 64X the colors supported by traditional LCDs.
  • HP’s cloud computing power allows for sophisticated filmmaking and creative collaboration.
  • HP storage, servers and networks create a converged infrastructure that flows together for efficiency.

It all starts at the point filmmaking went digital and began involving vast amounts of data. For example, one animated feature could involve as many as 500 million files—and the challenge to manage, share and control with a global workforce.


HP says, “…partners such as 20th Century Fox are making the transition from the traditional technology to the New Style of IT.HP can provide the seamless integration between private, hybrid and public cloud that is essential to their dynamic business needs.”

New digital delivery systems allow films to be distributed globally more quickly and securely, while at the same time offering a better-quality experience to audiences. HP has collaborated with Deluxe Digital Cinema to develop a digital delivery system that digitally sends feature films and trailers to theaters around the world. The system—Deluxe Connect Service—streamlines the delivery process, leading to reduced costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

Next, by using big data analytics, studios can gain greater insight into what types of movies to make. HP Vertica and HP Autonomy technology enables studios to analyze massive amount of data, including unstructured human information, such as data pulled from social media. This gives filmmakers and studios valuable information about shifting audience tastes and trends.

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