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Mitsubishi Electric's Command & Control Solutions

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The Mitsubishi Electric stand will once again occupy its landmark position at the entrance of Hall 2.

The full range of Mitsubishi Electric displays will be on show, including two new DLP cubes, the cost-effective 120 Series and the VS60-HS12 compact display. Other highlights will include its high-end control room LCD displays and innovative LED replacement cube engine designed to allow users of legacy DLP systems to upgrade to the latest LED technology.

Control room solutions will once again take centre stage on the Mitsubishi Electric stand, with a number of application scenarios being demonstrated in conjunction with key industry partners.

Mitsubishi Electric will feature not just its range of display technologies, but examples from the entire eco-system of Mitsubishi Electric Command & Control solutions from a number of leading vendors.

Among the highlights on display will be a remarkable keyboard from WEY Technology, which enables an operator to control up to 16 computers from a single interface.

The striking design of the WEY MK06 Multifunctional Keyboard solves the problem of managing multiple computers with a single mouse and keyboard, allowing an operator to intuitively and instantly take control of any attached machine. The solution has proven extremely popular in applications such as trading floors and control rooms, where multi-machine desktops are commonplace.

Along with its ergonomic design, the MK06 offers a high degree of security and reliability. Several MK06 keyboards can share access to individual workstations, allowing the cost-effective use of resources while maintaining high levels of performance and versatility. Access can be password-protected and keyboards assigned individual priorities for effective control. A 24bit colour LCD display is incorporated into the keyboard itself, making it extremely intuitive to use, with up to 96 individually programmable functions accessed by user-defined keys. The MK06 can be fully customised with keypads and touchpads designed for popular platforms, or to a user’s own particular specification.

Other technologies showcased on the Mitsubishi Electric stand include display controllers from Bilfinger Mauell and hardware from Datapath, Advantech, and Matrox Graphics.

For the first time, Mitsubishi Electric’s own Security Products Division will be demonstrating equipment such as IP cameras as part of a number of realistic application scenarios, which will also include SCADA systems provided by Mitsubishi Electric’s Factory Automation Division.

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