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From Large to Little: Pushing Digital Signage Boundaries

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ONELAN Video Wall

Take two on the hottest trends in digital signage—4K and video walls—put them together and you’ve got ONELAN’s solution that combines a 4K player with a video wall solution.

Their simple, cost effective communication solution, designed to create a high impact visual experience with Ultra High 4K definition, will be on show at their stand at ISE 2015.

To create a video wall using the ONELAN Net-Top-Box (NTB), there are two approaches. A first approach uses the displays’ built in loop-through capability and a second approach uses a single 4K NTB with a video wall controller from their partner Datapath.

Using the ONELAN 4K player and the Datapath video wall controller, you can break away from the traditional video wall layout. ONELAN says “…your imagination is the only limit with ever more creative video wall arrangements.” And the market for more creative video wall arrangements certainly is growing.


In addition to the solutions that address the large video wall needs, ONELAN will also show how to meet digital signage needs across multiple form-factors with their Integrated Player Displays.

Call it a “Perfect Storm” but mobile, Big Data, video walls and 4K will push digital signage into what might be better named “Personal Storm.”

The idea that digital signage is simply a large display or menu board is now-- in 2015-- so, so passé…instead it’s all about getting the right information to the right people at the right time. And the digital signage industry needs new formats, new approaches to fulfill this destiny.

This range of ONELAN Integrated Player Displays (IPDs) comes out in 7" to 21.5" sizes and brings the digital signage player into the display panel itself. These space-saving products create personal impact with shelf-edge and point-of-interest applications. Instead of the ‘big screen’ one-to-many approach of digital signage these devices offer a much more intimate one-to-one experience.


With ONELAN’s optional multi touch interface, the IPDs can be used for way-finding or as a kiosk. These inspire effective applications that can personalize signage across retail, corporate, small business and public sector markets.

ONELAN is a full range provider of digital signage solutions, including Content Management Systems (CMS). While you can see how it all works together on their stand, another interesting new product to look for at ISE 2015 is the Reserva room signage range.

ONELAN’s Reserva room booking solution (available from 10.1" to 21.5" in size) offers a compact and attractive integrated digital room sign with optional multi-touch functionality. Content is dynamically linked to your calendaring system like Microsoft Exchange so content is updated in real time. Room availability, current meeting information and a summary of future appointments are all clearly presented.

However these screens are not just limited to room booking content, with ONELAN’s CMS you get more ‘bang for your buck’ as you can put a range of other content on the screen and playlist this with regular room availability content. Let’s call it “room signage with a view.”

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