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Helsinki Goal for ComQi Partner

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Hartwall Arena

Helsinki’s Hartwall Arena is one of the most active and versatile arenas in Europe.

A modernization program that included 240 new displays located around the facility, recently raised the level of fan experience, something than many Jokerit ice hockey fans will appreciate for their KHL (Kontinental Hockey League) games.

Managed by ComQi partner iConnect, the system uses the EnGage platform along with 60 ComQi media players to drive all the displays, which include several video walls, screens located in the bars, walkways and hospitality suites. The content features promotions for upcoming events, food and beverage offers, and live footage streamed to all screens direct from the arena's broadcast studios.

"We are proud to deliver one of the single largest 2014 deployments of digital signage in Finland," says Henri Sarin, CEO of iConnect. "With very little time, we managed to complete the installation before the start of the hockey season through close cooperation with ComQi during the process. The competition to secure this business was tough, but ultimately we were chosen because of our content management services and ComQi's technical solutions.”

Go ComQi at Hartwall Arena in Helsinki

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