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Panasonic Speeds Up Digital Signage Scans

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 Panasonic Digital Signage

Panasonic develops technology that lets smartphones scan information from commercial digital signage more than 500 times as fast as previously possible.

The Japanese company will offer the technology to smartphone users in the form of an app. Next fiscal year, it will start selling digital displays that can accommodate the technology to retailers.

The technology comes into play after a liquid crystal display sends information, using light-emitting diodes that serve as the backlight to transmit a signal. An equipped smartphone can scan the information with its camera at a rate of several kilobits per second. The range of up to 5 meters marks an advance over commonplace QR codes, which require holding the handset right in front of them to transfer data.

Panasonic foresees demand from mainly department stores and the retail industry but also expects the technology to find its way into train stations and public facilities.

Go Nikkei Reports on Panasonic Development