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Peraso Unveils USB 3.0 Reference Design


A fabless semiconductor company specializing in the development of 60 GHz wireless chip sets, Peraso Technologies demonstrates at CES 2015 a WiGig network ecosystem using its WiGig USB 3.0 adaptors.

WiGig (also known as IEEE 802.11ad) enables a new class of multimedia, networking and computing applications through multi-gigabit data rates and highly efficient connections between nearby devices. WiGig USB 3.0 adaptors are expected to play a fundamental role in the emergence of WiGig enabled devices.

Peraso's WiGig RF IC is the smallest, highest performing on the market and Peraso demonstrated key WiGig applications, including:

Wireless 4K display: WiGig is an ideal wireless technology for the extremely high bandwidth demands of 4K screens. The low latency aspect of WiGig is critical for interactive applications such as gaming, VoIP, and simple I/O functions such as mouse and keyboard.

Multi-gigabit file transfers : As media files such as UHD movies increase in size, rapid I/O technology such as WiGig is critical to allow the transfer of files between a host of CE devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. While USB 3.0 is fast, WiGig is fast and wireless, eliminating the need for the correct wires and a physical connection.

Wi-Fi Networking: WiGig is a point-to-point solution, as well as a networking solution along the lines of a traditional Wi-Fi network. One primary application is the simultaneous use of a tri-band access point. Multi-gigabit internet access will be a key advantage of WiGig, particularly as cloud-based applications become increasingly pervasive.

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