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EDBAK to Show Wide Range of AV Solutions

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Edbak VWPOP65-L

At ISE 2015, Edbak, European manufacturer of AV display mounts, stands, trolleys and kiosks, will show its wide range of product to meet the AV industry need for mobility when using today’s large-sized displays, multiple screens, tablets and projectors.

Edbak’s new VCTR260 is a universal XL trolley for all screens up to 60”. The ETR2 mobile trolley unit features electric height adjustment for40-55” screens. For every trolley angle, the ETR4 allows for vertical adjustment for screens 40-60” and offers 0-90 degree electric tilt.

Edbak’ newest Universal Video Wall Mounts is the VWPOP65-L brings a unique Quick Release Pop-Out function to feature easy access to 42-65” screens.Built for portrait position, the VWPOP95-P unit is the universal video wall mount for 70-95” screens. VWPOP95-L is the landscape version.

On your desk (32-46 screen MSV1 desk mount), on your wall (the powerful swing arm wall mount RMSA1 handles 42-70” screens up to 60kg and the heavy duty RPWS1 from 42-65” up to 60kg), or in your corners (corner rotating swing arm wall mount CPWS1 holds 42-65” up to a massive 80kg), Edbak offers a wide range and is also one of the largest bespoke makers in Europe for all types of mounts, as well as info kiosks, stands and more.

Edbak make a menu board (MB3146-L) that can hold up to three 46” screens in landscape position. Edbak will show one at ISE 2015, along with an indoor totem public display (IDS5510) for 55”. These products will be representative of Edbak’s range of options in these categories.

Whether for wall (WUSC-WPM1) or ceiling (WUSU-PM8), Edbak can also offer its range in projector mounts .

Tablets are the latest demand in display formats and Edbak will show a number of new models to illustrate their understanding of this new niche. (WOWE-ITS1901 indoor tablet stand 19”, WOWE-ITS1002 indoor tablet stand 10”, WOWE-ITE1001 indoor tablet enclosure 10”)

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