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rAVe is the Twitter Winner

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ISE Twitters

The Daily DOOH reports rAVE Pubs took Twitter honors at ISE 2015, racking up 14+ million impressions, nearly 3X more than the closest challenger.

Social media enhances the experience for attendees but also extends the footprint of the show to a wider international audience.

Congratulations to all who add their voices to make the ISE experience better…

Other honors for social media during ISE 2015 go to Marcela Rozo (263), Tanya Houston (222) and Robert Richter (212) who dominated the leaderboard for the new ISE 2015 Mobile App.

Mike Blackman (66) only came in 10th but, after all, the director of ISE did have a show to run.

Prizes for the leaderboard top positions for the ISE 2015 Mobile App included a TV box, tablet and a smartphone.

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