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HPRC: Unbreakable Cases for Pro Video Memory Cards

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Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference.

If your work (or your client’s work) depends upon Pro Video memory cards, then you know how you worry about this vital storage format.

Now there are small unbreakable cases for Pro Video memory cards from HPRC.

HPRC says these are the only small cases in the market made from TTX01 and which hold up to 2 memory cards P2R series and SXSPro.

TTX01 is a unique mix of resins (made in Italy) that enables a combination of high elasticity with thin ribbed walls. It offers increased shock resistance, reduced transport weight and resistance against temperature extremes.

TTX01-cases withstand harder impacts and higher mechanical forces. Even if subjected to extreme temperature differences, TTX01 never loses its distinctive characteristics: it’s warranted temperature range: -40°C /+80°C.

TTX01-cases are watertight as well as resistant to dust, humidity, acid, ashes and sand.

The HPRC case has black, antistatic rubber and with the HPRC1300M version you can mark your full card with a red arrow indicator.

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