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Monitors Join The (Video) Revolution

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ViewSonic designs a 24’’ Full HD integrated webcam LED monitor around the corporate and personal use of the latest videoconferencing and collaboration solutions.

ViewSonic VG2437Smc

It’s about time somebody reinvented the desktop monitor. After all, for years, we have insisted upon referring to the desktop screen that enables our computers as a “monitor,” or “display.”  Both words—however, useful-- convey passivity, an inertness of being.

That’s as archaic as referring to digital cinema as “film” or to what you sometimes hear on your smartphone as a “dial tone.”

In a world where 560+ million people use Skype (50% with video on, says Microsoft) and 100 million people use Microsoft Lync to communicate for work (79% of U.S. enterprises currently use or plan to deploy Lync for telephony as it metamorphoses into Skype for Business), the screen on your desktop needs to match up to today’s age of professional (and personal) collaboration.

It can no longer afford to be solely the stolid purveyor of spreadsheets and Word docs… the monitor needs to stop being a wallflower and join in the real conversation-- the new web, video and voice collaboration that defines modern work (as well as social life).

That’s why ViewSonic brings out the VG2437Smc, a 24’’ Full HD integrated webcam LED monitor.

With a 2 megapixel Full HD webcam, integrated echo cancelling microphone, stereo speakers, and advanced SuperClear MVA wide-viewing angle display technology, the VG2437Smc enables desktop video conferencing-- from any desktop PC running the most popular web or video conferencing applications.

It’s designed to be an active enabler of today’s collaborative work, That is, it’s designed —from the initial concept— for use with Microsoft Lync (now Skype for Business), Skype, Google Hangouts, Cisco Jabber and Webex, Citrix Gotomeeting and Viber.

Viewsonic VG2437Smc is TiltableThis is not your father’s “monitor” or “display;” this is the eyes and ears and voice of your digital world, the way to convert a desktop PC to a personal web and video conferencing solution. It enables any user to connect to other desktop users, to group conferencing solutions in meeting rooms and to smartphone users.

“…Statistics indicate that there are 560 million registered skype users who spend a total of 2 billion minutes every day on skype. In 2013, skype-to-skype calls represented 40% of the total telecom traffic worldwide,” says Claire Chuang, Product Manager for Monitors at ViewSonic Europe Ltd.

The way we work is changing so fast, we hardly have time to reflect on how different we work today than even 5 years ago, let alone 10 years ago. To give you just one European example, the Norwegian Health Network (Norsk Helsenett) now improves patient care for 5 million people with 200-250 videoconferences per day and is said to have 130,000 Lync users in its network.

Chuang adds, “The low cost of videoconferencing solutions has become one of the key considerations for end-users in European markets, which are still recovering from the economic downturn, when choosing enterprise monitors. With the VG2437Smc all-in-one video conferencing solution, business customers can now save time and travel expenses while enjoying a seamless connectivity, as well as a collaborative and productive working environment.”

Good for both business users and consumers, the VG2437Smc also solves the problem of the “rigid” monitor—it features and a height-adjustable, ergonomic stand so users can adjust the angle and placement of the screen. Pivot the screen 90 degrees for portrait mode or swivel 360 degrees. Adjust the height or tile it as much as 25 degrees. If you know this feature to be useful for any ordinary display, think about how necessary and essential it is for frequent “videoconferencers.”

Viewsonic for Collaboration

VG2437Smc also packs dual 2-watt speakers and echo cancelling microphone (as well as 2 USB and mic-headphone ports for connecting headsets). Using Viewsonic’s SuperClear MVA technology means display performance with 178° wide viewing angles offers 95% sRGB coverage and 20M: dynamic contrast ratio.

Connectivity options include DisplayPort 1.2a, DVI, VGA and. A Blue Light Filter setting allows users to adjust the amount of blue light emitted from the screen, enabling longer viewing times and increased eye comfort for work and multimedia applications.

With ViewSonic energy-saving Eco-modes, EnergyStar Compliance and EPEAT Silver certification, the VG2437Smc is as green as St. Patrick’s Day.

All commercial end users can register online for a 4 year warranty when buying ViewSonic’s VG2437Smc.

And the best news: the VG2437Smc won’t break the company bank. At a SRRP of £199/ €299 (ex VAT), it’s the most affordable way to encourage all employees to collaborate more often and more successfully.

It’s about time the desktop monitor joined the (video) conversation.

Go ViewSonic VG2437Smc

Watch the Video of the ViewSonic VG2437Smc in action