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Meet the XIDA InfoBox

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Xida InfoBox

Between mobile, display and new IT technologies the intersection creates new offerings: Meet the XIDA InfoBox. In an exhibit, it adapts lighting to the content on a display.

A young German company with fresh ideas, XIDA concentrates on mobile multimedia applications. From Microsoft’s Kinect to 3D animations, to touch screens, to iPad/Android apps... the company focuses on multimedia for exhibitions (trade shows, museums, and even corporate reception areas).

Their XIDA InfoBox connects via USB to add a touch application to your touch screen that drives mobile "WOW" effects to any exhibit.

XIDA Lights comes in the form of a small box, connected via USB to the touch panel. XIDA Lights can pass the signal also to other LED Strips at your stand. XIDA Lights acts as the connection between illumination and a touch application. The light color automatically adapts to the content of the application.

Xida InfoBox

You can use any commercially available LED Strips.

You can also use XIDA Lights in your own software integration. In this case, XIDA supply only the configured Box and source code for your programming language, eg: iOS Objective-C Android Java Flash / ActionScript Air Command Line for Windows PowerPoint to create a light show. As the slides changed, the lighting on-stage will function accordingly.

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