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Panasonic Launches Nubo, First Connected 4g Monitoring Camera

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Expecting to ship in Q4 2015 for the UK and the Netherlands, Panasonic's 4G Nubo Camera is the world’s first 4G-enabled monitoring camera* which allow consumers to monitor property and belongings without needing wi-fi connectivity.

Nubo’s cloud storage system is built on technology developed by Panasonic Cameramanager.

The launch of Nubo is part of a larger initiative from Panasonic Europe who intends to become the first major electronics manufacturer to launch its own Mobile Virtual Network in Europe, allowing its business devices to connect seamlessly with the Machine to Machine (M2M) cloud.

Panasonic bought Cameramanager in mid-2013. "This acquisition is an important strategic step towards enhancing our smart and connected services offering in the European and CIS market", said Laurent Abadie, Chairman and CEO, Panasonic Europe at that time. "With's bespoke software and cloud-based solutions complementing our existing security business, we will be able to significantly enhance our presence in this space, by bringing together technical know-how and software skills and equipping us with the necessary assets to respond to future demands in cloud services".

In the past, consumers had to choose between a fixed Wi-Fi home monitoring product, a fixed professional surveillance or a mobile video recording product, ultimately sacrificing mobility, connectivity or security. To solve this problem,

Nubo allows users to have all the benefits of a mobile security camera, with the advantage of 4G connectivity. Designed for both indoor and outdoor usage, Nubo is weather resistant and offers sensor connectivity through an integrated wireless radio. Additional sensor controls enable the detection of human figures, enabling more tailored alerts and alarms for the user. Nubo also offers two-way communication, allowing the user to communicate through the camera when an alert is triggered.

Nubo offers a ready-to-go camera, a mobile data plan, a mobile app for controls and alerts, external battery pack and add-on options, and a secure cloud storage offering, enabling seamless management of data and videos for the user.

Vodafone will be the first partner to provide Nubo with 4G Machine-to-Machine (M2M) network connectivity in Europe.

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