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Parallax Screen’s Ambient Light-rejecting Technology

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Manufactured by Da-Lite, Parallax is an ambient light-rejecting technology that is a game-changer for the projection screen market.

Readability is the number one issue when installing a video solution in a large conference room or auditorium. If you want everyone to see clearly, you’re going to want the biggest screen available.

Although flat-panel LCD screens are now larger in size, price points don’t make the option accessible for everyone.  And then there is the issue with glare for any office with large or bright lighting. There is always a projection solution, but how do you deal with a room that is too bright? You don’t always want to close the blinds or dim the lights (makes it difficult for anyone who wants to take notes) during a presentation.

“Da-Lite’s Parallax screens reject ambient light providing the contrast needed for vivid presentations in brighter rooms while maintaining the appropriate screen size to assure the presenter’s message is received as intended.” says Mark Coxon, Regional Sales Manager at Milestone AV Technologies

How does it work? It’s innovative surface is composed of micro layers that absorb and block light…it actually physically blocks light from above, while the light that is being projected stays crisp, glare free, with high-contrast and can even be enjoyed at a viewing angle of 85 degrees!

It’s dark in color, rather than have a light or white surface, so it maintains the look of a standard display while boosting contrasts and absorbing light from the sides.

It’s available in two surface types, the Parallax 0.8 surface for standard throw projection and the Parallax UST 0.45 for ultra-short-throw projection. And with sizes available up to 120’’ in diagonal, Da-Lite says it’s “the ultimate screen for large installations.”

Watch Parallax, Manufactured by Da-Lite