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First EMEA Showing of Christie Cinema Laser Phosphor Projector

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Christie CP2208

At the Filmwoche Munich, Christie and its distribution partner ECCO Cine Supply & Services unveil the first preview of Christie’s Laser-Phosphor (LaPH) Cinema projector (expected to launch in Spring 2016).

Designed with exhibitors in mind and to fulfill all amended DCI specifications, the Christie CP2208-LP , offers 10,000 Lumens brightness and can be operated virtually maintenance-free for up to 30.000 hours. Due to the laser-phosphor technology, the projector emits far less heat, is much quieter than a comparable projector with Xenon-light, and appeals to the customer’s desire for eco-friendly operations while reducing costs for lamps and consumables.

Apart from the CP2208-LP, Christie will be launching further high-performance Laser-Phosphor products, expected to come in the course of the year. Christie will also offer customers laser-phosphor upgrade kits for xenon cinema projectors

The first one to come to market will be the LP-10 Laser Phosphor Retrofit Kit for the S2K Solaria Series Cinema projectors which will give it the same performance specifications and operational benefits as the CP2208-LP. The first retro-fit kit will be offered for products in the 10,000 lumen range with further, higher brightness LaPh projectors to follow shortly.

“In our 85 years of cinema tradition it has always been our common goal to offer customers a broad spectrum of projection solutions,” says Stefan Müller, Christie Senior Business Development Manager Cinema DACH. “Every customer environment is different. Our wide range of technologies, whether it’s a Xenon, RGB Laser or Laser-Phosphor based System, allows us to offer our customers high-performance reliable and high-quality products for every range of application.”

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