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Stockholm Royal Seaport Sees the Light

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Stockholm Royal Seaport

Cooperating with the City of Stockholm, ÅF Lighting conducted a lighting event in the Norra Djurgårdstaden area, also known as Stockholm Royal Seaport. With the help of some 130 volunteers, carrying LED torches and filters, the usually dark historic industrial area was lit up and transformed for the evening.

As we turn to IoT and Smart Cities and Smart Grids, lighting becomes a genuine interest to AV integrators who are already dealing with lighting in homes, in offices, and in buildings. Perhaps even easier to understand is façade lighting as an event or part of an event with projection, sound and even a storyline. This experiment used lighting as a tool for art to capture public imagination—and succeeded.

City of Stockholm won this free lighting design in a contest organised by ÅF Lighting. Devised to raise public awareness about the importance of light and lighting design, the Win a Lighting Makeover contest was part of the official programme for the International Year of Light 2015, organised by the lighting-related organizations under the patronage of UNESCO.

When ÅF Lighting called for nominations for public spaces to be enhanced by lighting design, the City of Stockholm nominated two historic gas holders in the Royal Seaport area. Here, extensive urban development is taking place, with plans for some 12,000 new homes, 35,000 new work spaces, infrastructure, amenities, and facilities for arts and culture. Situated adjacent to the Frihamnen docks, the area was previously mainly used for gas production and other industry. Its relative proximity to Stockholm City centre, in combination with its location close to water, woods and parkland, means development attracts great interest.

It was decided to organise an event where members of the general public would help create temporary lighting installations, in cooperation with professional lighting designers and a photographer. In this way, the group would experience the transformative power of lighting design first hand. The lighting scenarios would be documented with long expose photography and shared with the general public. Using powerful hand held LED torches, filters and a so-called pixel stick, four dramatic and playful lighting scenarios were created.

“I’m delighted with the results. This evening, we created art together”, says Kai Piippo, Head of Design at ÅF Lighting. “Using light, we managed to bring out the soul and the architectural character of these fascinating sites.”

“People love seeing these spectacular buildings up close”, noted Staffan Lorentz, Head of Development of Stockholm Royal Seaport. “When we invited the public to register online for the event, it was fully booked almost immediately.”

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