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Vision’s Smart Kapp 42 Floor Stand

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SMART Kapp 42

From mid-February, Vision will be shipping their simple height adjustable Kapp stand, TM-KP . This Techmount is designed exclusively for SMART Kapp 42. The curves which complement the Kapp actually performs a second role by removing the common tripping hazard that often catches users (and passers-by) unaware.

The TM-KP uses the Kapp as a “stressed member” – the structure of the Kapp itself gives the mount rigidity. Designing in this way reduces the number of parts required making it lighter, and simpler to assemble.

The maker says this stand will be on show all over ISE and mimics the curves of the Kapp to complement the design. It uses the Kapp as a “stressed member” so the structure of the Kapp itself gives the mount rigidity. This allows the stand to be simpler, and therefore faster to assemble.

The 80° lean makes it stable when drawn on and clearly visible to the audience. Locking castors come with the stand and can be fitted to make the solution portable.

The Kapp can be fixed at one of three different heights to suit the regular users. The range of adjustability is 200mm.

Particular attention has been paid to the way the TM-KP is packaged into the smallest possible package for easy handling, and also the way it fits together. A minimum of screws are required to assemble it.

Go Vision Ships Simple Height -Adjustable Smart Kapp 42 Floor Stand