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The “Bentley” of Aerial Platforms

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With its agile but elegant flight characteristics, Aerotain calls its UAV Skye, and describes it as “the Bentley of aerial platforms.”

Lifted by helium and with movements powered by electrical motors, Skye is an eye in the sky offering new horizons in aerial entertainment. Thanks to patented technology, makers say it offers “astonishing movements” that “no currently available UAV allows.” We’ll let you look at the videos and decide for yourself.

Scalable payloads enable it to carry heavy cameras for live streams and aerial cinematography, making Skye a great tool to take aerial footage for broadcasters and event organizers alike.

Unique safety features enable Skye to fly over crowded places and closely approach people. And while Skype can be used to depict a product for advertising purposes, it can even take its shape.

Concerts, sports, conferences and public spaces. Wherever there is a crowd, you can use Skye to engage users in what the company calls “viral and efficient brand communication.”

  • Safe to touch while in flight and safe to fly above crowds
  • Flight time of > 2h
  • Capable of carrying heavy camera equipment
  • Able to perform any movement instantaneously
  • Large size of typically 3m (10ft)
  • Inside illumination enables glowing
  • Low noise

AEROTAIN is a young team with various backgrounds. After working with Silicon Valley startups and US space agency NASA, they have incorporated in 2015 as an ETH Zurich Spinoff. Their announced goal: to disrupt aerial marketing. Or to put it another way: to reach for the Skye.

Watch Skye in Action

Go Aerotain, Makers of Skye