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Elmo’s Interactive Communication Box

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Elmo CRI-1

If you saw Elmo at their stand in ISE 2016, you might have seen their new TX-1 wireless visualizer. But several of their other products highlights on show caught our attention.

For example, the Elmo CRI-1 Interactive Communication Box and the QBiC MS-1XP Panorama Camera.

One can connect an Elmo visualiser to the ELMO Interactive Communication Box (ICB) via USB to wirelessly stream your visualiser image to your Windows tablet PC. You can also remotely enlarge, capture and record your visualiser image or add notes and highlight directly over the live image from anywhere in the classroom. Or project your tablet PC image wirelessly on to a projector/TV monitor

The Elmo ICB enables you to wirelessly project your tablet PC images to a TV monitor or a projector so you can move around freely in the classroom to conduct the lesson with your tablet.

With the ICB, Elmo argues you don’t need expensive wireless projectors.

The bundled interactive software, EIT (ELMO Interactive Toolbox), allows you to use your tablet PC as a mobile interactive whiteboard to make lesson notes, present visualiser live images and create high quality teaching materials effortlessly.

You can also use the ELMO ICB as a wireless LAN access point to create a roaming environment in your classroom. It can connect up to 56 devices at the same time and all pupils can access the online teaching resources via Wi-Fi.

The other Elmo products we spotted: the QBiC MS-1XP Panorama Camera, a panoramic camera system contains 4 x QBiC wide angle cameras and a special rig mount which records vertically 180° and horizontally 360° panoramic video.


Conventional 360-degree panoramic video recording systems use many cameras which require a lot of time and work for stitching videos after recording. The MS-1XP uses only 4 cameras as less cameras increases the accuracy of the stitching work and reduce the amount of work needed.

Simultaneous recording of 4 cameras can be done from QBiC app (on iOs and Android) by connecting 4 cameras to Wifi. (No need to press the recording buttons of each camera to start recording.) Bit rate is a max. 27Mbps. The MS-1XP can create 360-degree panoramic video with higher image quality.

The camera has no dome lens cover. There are no reflections or glare from an external lighting source such a fluorescent light.

The QBiC MS-1 Wide Angle Camera is a versatile Wide Angle Wearable Camera featuring a short throw lens which lets you shoot objects extremely close, at less than 1 inch. The QBiC MS-1 also allows you to record high quality video in Full HD while featuring a stereo microphone for crisp audio record.

Equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, the MS-1 will wirelessly connect to your iOS or Android smartphone through the official QBiC App for instant uploading to Facebook, Instagram or any social media.

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