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Daktronics Controls Venue LED Lighting for Game-Day Experience

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Daktronics SCS

It’s the very beginning of a trend that’s coming to live sporting events: Daktronics integrates control of a venue’s solid-state LED lighting with its Show Control System.

With the ability to send and receive lighting triggers, Show Control can incorporate LED lighting into the game-day experience to complement the content running on any video display in a facility. The opportunities this capability represents range from further highlighting key moments in a game to incorporating colour washes that match a sponsor’s branding during their advertisement. The lighting can be triggered to enhance every goal, slam dunk, or touchdown.

Daktronics VP Live Events Jay Parker says, “Incorporating the venue’s general lighting into the game-day production increases the fan experience and opens up a wide variety of possibilities for sponsors by matching lighting elements with video display content. As venues make the lighting switch to LEDs, more and more opportunities will present themselves to connect the capabilities of LED lighting into the game-day production.”

Daktronics works with leading companies in the sports lighting market to establish two-way communication between select DMX-based lighting servers and Show Control.

Go LED Lighting Integration with Daktronics Show Control System