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Martin's Compact MAC Axiom Hybrid Fixture

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MAC Axiom Hybrid

Martin by HARMAN announced at P&L 2016 the MAC Axiom Hybrid, an all-in-one beam and spot fixture. The hybrid solution combines beam and spot functionality into a compact unit that also offers diffused wash and increased intensity.

The unit eliminates the need for dedicated beam or spot modes and allows for instant as well as discrete transitions from a high-intensity collimated beam to a flat field spot.

The MAC Axiom Hybrid’s optical system offers high contrast, both in mid-air and projection, as well as a surprisingly flat field which the mkaerdescribes as “ not often seen with this short-arc lamp technology.”

“The MAC Axiom Hybrid represents an evolution for Martin,” says Markus Klüsener, Product Manager, Stage Lighting, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “In addition to the fixture’s extensive set of effects, the implementation of the MAC Viper CMY color palette gives designers the advantage of unlimited selection, from subtle pastel shades to deep and saturated colors.”

Despite the array of features, MAC Axiom Hybrid unit is light in weight and casts a surprisingly small footprint.

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