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Dycap Media Solutions Win the 2016 Innovations Showcase People’s Choice Award at InfoComm

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Perfect Track

Visitors to the Innovations Showcase at InfoComm 2016 voted Dycap Media Solutions the 2016 Innovations Showcase People’s Choice Award*

At InfoComm 2016, 18 companies exhibited solutions in the Innovations Showcase, an area on the expo floor for startups (and companies new to the AV industry) to introduce themselves to the InfoComm audience. In addition to demonstrating their solutions, the 18 exhibiting companies competed for the award for best innovation-- as voted on by showcase visitors.

Dycap wins $10,000 and free exhibit space for InfoComm 2017.

So what did visitors see that made Dycap a highlight of the Innovations Showcase?

During the show, Dycap demonstrated its Perfect Track software for automating PTZ cameras using motion, edge and facial recognition.

Dycap MIni-PC

A Dycap-chosen mini-PC connects with any professional pan-tilt-zoom camera to enable hands-free video capture. The special software inside eliminates the need for camera operators and tracking beacons.

Perfect Track software uses advanced image processing to recognize individuals in your camera's video stream. Once a user is recognized, Perfect Track intelligently controls your camera to smoothly follow that user with the touch of a professional camera operator - all without any tracking beacons or excessive equipment.

Perfect Track talks with VISCA – a professional camera protocol that controls any standard pan-tilt-zoom camera. The widespread use of this protocol means the camera will work with Perfect Track right out of the box (especially with the cameras of Approved Partners where the software is already tested) and occasionally with minor configurations required.

Perfect Track can be set to automatically start tracking and recording at specific preset positions according to a time schedule. It even makes smarter decisions on its own, such as returning to a home preset when no one is present.

Their form factor and interface allows for easy installation, one time set-up, and smooth operation. Simply plug in your camera and track a user or guest. Manual control and presets are available for convenience. No tracking beacons, motion sensors or any extra equipment required. The hardware and software are sold tgether.

Why did visitors to the Innovations Showcase vote for Dycap? Because it is cool software.

Go Dycap’s Perfect Track