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Samsung’s SDS Video Analytics

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Samsung SDS Video Analytics

Samsung SDS Video Analytics uses the information from video and other sensors under the IoT environment to identify predefined events and provide its customers with valuable analyzed information.

Samsung SDS provides easily adaptable fit-to-use Video Analytics services across various customer environments and industries (including facility surveillance, retail, transportation, manufacturing and more).

It monitors and alerts different types of pre-defined events such as access to restricted areas, loitering, and dwell time.

It uses big data analytics to enable fast processing of mass video data. Acquired data analysis is then utilized to create business intelligence tailored to the client’s needs. Samsung SDS Video Analytics provides improved accuracy and reliability of video detection functions by complementing the existing technological limitations.

Samsung SDS offers a range of products and packages (comprised of 7 modular components from OR-only to Premium) to best suit your customer’s needs. They can create your own solution set with modular components, including some of the functions below.

Object Recognition (OR) identifies objects (persons or vehicles) in the images or video. The OR function automatically detects and recognizes the pre-defined objects and instantly triggers alerts whenever user-specific events occur.

Facial Recognition (FR) identifies or verifies a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source. The Samsung SDS FR solution automatically detects human faces and compares their specific facial features with facial images from the database.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) stores captured images and text from the license plate. This solution automatically detects and recognizes the moving vehicle’s license plate numberand searches for a matching vehicle from the database.

Complex Event Processing (CEP) combines data from multiple sources to create a scenario including a series of complex events. Detect and predict complex events effectively in different situations.

Business Intelligence (BI) analyzes video data to understand customer behavior utilizing three key functions (People Counting, Heat Map, and Dwelltime Analysis). This comprehensive insights lead to more informed business decisions.

Tracking function recognizes a person or vehicle to track its movement route on the map. Keep informed about the identified time and location of the recognized object in a simple format.

Complex Search with Visual Query enables intuitive easy-to-use functions by providing various search options fit for your needs. Configure a search by attributes such as time, location, object size and type, cameras, object color, movement speed, and more.

Additionally Visual Query helps Complex Search function by drawing paths over video image for search conditions hard to be translated into text.

SDS Video Analytics solution has been optimized through Samsung’s own commercial experience to improve its effectiveness and accuracy.

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