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Bosch and Benfica: The Stadium of the Future

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Benfica Mascot

If an orchestra is playing while an eagle soars above, you know you are at the home of Benfica Lisbon , the Estadio da Luz.

Home to Lisbon’s world-renowned soccer team and training academy, the Estadio da Luz is a beacon to 65,000 spectators and thousands of personnel at a single match. Keeping those people safe—in an age where security concerns rapidly transform-- requires looking to the future, looking for “the stadium of the future.”

“The Stadium of the Future should offer the ultimate game experience, while ensuring that everyone is safe at all times. Bosch is helping us to meet this challenge, by providing us with a coherent technology solution. Our operators can monitor cameras, access, and alarms, and play crystal-clear game audio or emergency messages, using one screen interface. It makes it easier to keep everything up and running while we keep people safe.” says José Pedro Ribeiro, Infrastructure and Operations Manager.

Technology progresses rapidly and through the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and data increasingly connect both the physical and digital worlds. The Bosch Building Integration System (BIS) is based on a standardized platform, and can easily integrate equipment sensor data, analytics, and any important new technology from Bosch or a third party. That ability makes it “future proof,” notes Bosch.

Using a single, all-in-one screen interface, stadium operators can monitor equipment performance, fire alarms, intrusion alarms, access controls, video and sound systems.

Operators can play separate messages or background music simultaneously for selected audio zones, or pre-record messages to play automatically, activated by alarms or events. In emergencies, operators can monitor live video feedback, at the same time using a microphone and speakers to help guide people safely out of the building. The single screen also increases situational awareness and operator efficiency, and allows for a faster emergency response.

Bosch panoramic cameras add another level of safety in halls and corridors by leaving no blind spots. This makes it faster and easier for security operators to monitor high-traffic areas.

Ribeiro adds, “We look forward to more developments, like video stitching, finer analytics, and the integration of elevators and other equipment into the BIS. We chose Bosch as our partner, because they not only have central support and dedicated development teams, but their local people also meet with us regularly. They make sure we can take full advantage of the IoT, and they help us minimize costs by easily integrating third-party equipment. We will continue to rely on Bosch to help us make our ‘Estadio da Luz’ a real Stadium of the Future.”

Go Bosch, Benfica and ‘Estadio da Luz,’ Stadium of the Future