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World’s Biggest Real-time Tracking 3D Projection Mapping Performance Ever

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Singapore NDP

Singapore’s 51st National Day celebrations claim the title of World’s Biggest Real-time Tracking 3D Projection Mapping Performance.

More than 55,000 spectators who attended Singapore's National Day Parade (NDP) at the new National Stadium saw the projection mapping performances, planned and executed by Christie's rental staging partner Hexogon Solution Plc Ltd. They used 66 Christie Boxer 4K30 3DLP projectors installed around the 4th level of the stadium.

Adrian Goh, Group Managing Director, Hexogon Solution, explains, "This is the first real-time tracking projection mapping on 3D objects at the NDP. Forty tracking cameras around the entire stadium and 260 tracking beacons were installed onto the boulder and the 3D Sky City, to enable the system to accurately track and map the visuals provided by the committee onto all surface of the structures as the objects move. The giant boulder would eventually be split into eight pieces and travel in different directions, while the 3D Sky City – made up of 15 gigantic collapsible fabric structures with an overall size of 60 meters in diameter and 20 meters in height – would be hoisted from stage level to a height of 35 meters during the Parade's finale."

Christie Boxer 4K30 3DLP

According to Goh, the challenges faced by his team were the very short time allotted for calibration and alignment, as well as unpredictable on-site conditions. "We had to map on empty space without the actual objects in the initial stage; and only less than a week for actual mapping onto the complex structures after they were installed. In addition, we had to deal with the random movements of the fabric structure due to wind conditions, whilst executing and rendering the content in real-time on uneven deformed surfaces."

"The Christie Boxer 4K30 is easy to handle and it allows us to spread the projected image without compromising the result. With strong features such as 4K resolution, 30,000 lumens, a significantly smaller footprint and omnidirectional capability, it was a breeze to position the projectors in different angles to cover the whole Sky City structure. On the other hand, the sheltered environment of the National Stadium is definitely a better location for both equipment and people to work in, as compared to the fully outdoor Marina Bay Floating Platform that was used for staging previous NDPs."

The result was a NDP extravaganza featuring 3500+ performers on a stage about the size of nine basketball courts, indoor fireworks, larger-than-life props hanging from the roof and a unique song-signing segment featuring familiar NDP tunes.

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