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JOAN 9.7" Limited Edition Launches at Orgatec

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Visionect reveals a new JOAN 9.7 Limited Edition room booking solutionJOAN 9.7 Limited Edition room booking solution at ORGATEC, the international trade fair for office in Cologne, Germany. The new display features the larger 9.7-inch E Ink screen and the Visionect technology that offers impressive battery autonomy--up to half a year.

The 9.7 Limited Edition display is a meeting room booking solution that connects to wi-fi and company calendars and displays detailed information on meetings and meeting participants, providing an overview of meeting activity.

It seamlessly integrates with office design and attaches to any surface via a specially designed magnetic mount that requires no tools. Running on advanced Visionect technology with a 9.7-inch screen, the device is cordless in operation.

The 9.7 complements the existing JOAN room booking solutions and is aimed to satisfy the needs of larger organizations looking for a premium designer product.

Visionect is showcased at Orgatec alongside ADOTTA, an architectural innovator in the partition marketplace, to bring together two key aspects of the modern work environment which unlock the creative potential of employees: architecture and technology.

Visitors, architects and designers will have the unique opportunity of seeing the new, limited edition 9.7 device front row on ADOTTA’s new reveal, WALLEN, a high-end wood partition wall, in addition to seeing the existing line of 6-inch JOAN room booking devices.

JOAN 9.7

The JOAN 9.7 room booking device is currently available through limited, invite-only pre-orders.

JOAN is a meeting room booking solution developed by Visionect. It connects to Wi-Fi and calendars companies already use and is easily attached to any surface with a specially designed magnetic mount that doesn’t require any tools. It is cableless in its operation and features a battery autonomy of months, since it is 99% more energy efficient than LCD or LED technologies. JOAN, the recipient of the 2016 Red Dot Product Design Award and CES Innovation Award, simplifies room booking and improves office usability, eliminating meeting room conflict and helping people work better.

Visionect has developed an ultra low power display platform that uses 99% less power than LCD or LED technologies and enables the use of digital displays in environments before not possible. An electronic paper display powered by Visionect is a state-of-the-art signage technology unparalleled when it comes to energy efficiency and display visibility. It is being used by more than 500 companies across the globe and has been setting a new standard in the digital signage industry for nearly a decade.

ADOTTA is an international leader in the commercial demountable partition marketplace with fifteen years of experience and more than 700 projects executed to perfection. From small businesses to large international corporations, ADOTTA’s mission is to create wall partitions that enhance interior architecture, through unique design and ongoing innovation, providing value to the contemporary, environmentally conscious workplace.

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