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eBeam Appoints Stampede Europe as a Distribution Partner


eBeam appoints Stampede as its exclusive distribution partner for UK and a distribution partner for parts of Europe.

Stampede will make available all eBeam solutions – the Edge+ System, the Edge System, and all Edge Accessories – to its network of UK and select European territory resellers.

“For over a decade now, eBeam has brought new life, excitement, and collaboration into classrooms and boardrooms across the globe with their interactive display solutions,” Stampede President and COO Kevin Kelly says. “Their latest and most advanced solution, the Edge+ System, combines an eBeam sensor, stylus and various accessories to infuse interactivity into literally any flat surface – such as a projection screen, whiteboard, or LCD TV – by allowing the once static surface to be written on, annotated, saved for future reference, and shared with students and colleagues."

Continues Kelly, “The timing of this partnership is ideal for prospective eBeam customers, as most of the interactive boards purchased under BECTA are transitioning out of warranty. By retrofitting their current, yet dated whiteboard solution with an eBeam system, teachers and executives can cost-effectively restore to full functionality that which is no longer under warranty!”

eBeam Product Line

The eBeam Edge+ System is offered in three versions – Edge+ USB, Edge+ Wireless, and Edge+ Complete, which includes an Edge Marker Pack. All three versions come standard with an eBeam sensor – which is fastened alongside the desired surface and is what transforms a flat, lifeless surface into one that can be written on and interacted with – and a stylus writing tool. The Edge+ Wireless System also includes a USB plugin that enables wireless connectivity.

Available accessories for the Edge+ System include the aforementioned Marker Pack and the Display Bracket. The Marker Pack includes an eraser and four marker sleeves that capture and stream anything you write or draw on your whiteboard with regular dry-erase markers, while the Display Bracket attaches the eBeam sensor to any modern LCD display thus transforming it into an interactive screen for teaching, sharing and presenting.

According to Michelle Bülbring, Sales Director, Europe and Africa, for Luidia, the manufacture of eBeam, “Stampede Europe offers eBeam precisely what’s necessary to maintain and accelerate our growth throughout the UK and Europe. Their established network of resellers combined with their industry-leading sales and marketing support teams provide us with an enhanced global footprint that will no doubt help our dealers sell eBeam solutions.”

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