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ViDiS Takes JOAN Meeting Room Solution into Poland

Vidis and JOAN in Poland

ViDiS SA, the Polish distributor of presentation equipment (Casio, CTOUCH, QOMO, Revolabs, Vivitek, Viewsonic, Vision and more) adds Visionect’s JOAN to its portfolio.

JOAN Meeting Room Solution is a Red Dot Award winning wireless meeting room solution also distinguished by its energy-savings ePaper technology.

Adam Kaczmarek, ViDiS Technical Product Manager, says, “First, there were a signs from market. More and more companies are looking not only for simple room booking system-- there are plenty of them on Polish market-- but for something special, something innovative. Some dealers asked us for a completely wireless system, some of them want eco-friendly devices.

“There were also cases where brand new offices have no powerlines or network cables near the meeting room doors. Their question is – how can they can use a room booking system and yet keep the place nice and clean, without drilling and hiding cables?

“Even some startup companies asked for affordable booking system which blend into startup environment smoothly.

“As a solutions provider, we started looking for proper product and we hit the jackpot when we found and started cooperation with Visionect, the maker of JOAN.”

JOAN in Poland

The wireless JOAN device suits offices where no cables are available. Its E-ink display is stylish yet can install easily on even glass doors.

In Poland, ViDiS are just starting their campaign to promote JOAN. Before the summer they introduced JOAN to key partners via a special meeting organized in Warsaw. A few days later, they introduced the Polish UI.

One of JOAN’s main features is that it easily accommodates local languages. It speaks more than a dozen languages—and for fun (and to make a point), some JOAN engineers even programmed Klingon language from Star Trek.

In October, JOAN will be introduced to all ViDiS partners thanks to the annual ViDiS Conference in Wroclaw.

ViDiS lets interested dealers test JOAN, making starter packs available for loan and purchase. Kaczmarek says, “We can tell you they are crazy popular. We have a strong feeling that JOAN will make great impact on room booking systems market in Poland.”

ViDiS is registering first projects and working on the localization of selected articles from knowledge base. They created a Polish version of a video of “How to setup JOAN.”

As part of their launch program, ViDiS also offer resellers on-site presentation and trainings.

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