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Turn Any Screen Interactive with Projector and Stylus

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Turn Any Screen Interactive with Projector and Stylus


GoTouch is a portable, easy-to-use device that turns any TV or projector into a giant interactive whiteboard.

GoTouch connects wirelessly to any TV or projector via an iOS or Android phone or tablet. Once connected, it tracks what you write or draw on screen with 4K Ultra HD accuracy. A rechargeable battery means GoTouch doesn’t have to be plugged into anything during your presentation.

GoTouch works with screens up to 80-inches in size.

In addition to providing a blank canvas for creativity, GoTouch can also load images, videos and websites on screen, making them easy to annotate as a group.

Anyractive, the company behind GoTouch, was founded in 2014 in Seoul.

Kickstarter pricing starts at $69, a 54% discount off the eventual retail price.

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