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Lampix Transforms Most Flat Surfaces Into Interactive Displays

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It looks like a regular lamp… but Lampix bring augmented reality into your living room thanks to a built-in Raspberry Pi, an 8-megapixel camera, and a 400-lumen projector. It turns almost any surface into an interactive display.

Lampix doesn't work well in bright light, on really shiny surfaces, or on glass. Yet. The company plans a more expensive model with a more powerful projector to allow Lampix to work in bright light.

Meanwhile, using a wifi connection, users can send anything from their smartphone or computer to the lamp for projection onto a flat surface of their choosing.

Besides gaming applications, the company hopes to apply this product to retail. It has already partnered with Nespresso to allow customers to trigger a description of a particular coffee pod's flavor when it's placed in the indicated area.

George Popescu, the co-founder and CEO of Lampix, says it was important to create a product that could enhance the shopping experience without being obtrusive.

A store can put a Lampix over a product to display reviews of that product on the counter (or on the wall behind it). Yet users could make the reviews disappear by waving their hands.

Lampix also lets users work with physical pieces of paper as if they were digital documents. Users can copy, paste and upload the contents of the paper, and even search for terms in the hard copy. They can also collaborate with someone else on the same project, since Lampix tracks changes in real time.

Lampix is expected ship in autumn 2017 for around $300. It will come with a few applications and an API (application programming interface) so developers can use Lampix in their own applications.

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