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Pufferfish at IBC 2016

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You’ve got to love Pufferfish with its Douglas Adams-style branding and its circular charms. The spherical display solution works with projectors to create a 360 image.

And now, we believe Pufferfish will finally come into its own as everyone, yes, everyone is chasing 360 degree content.

Douglas Adams might have called it the “The Display at the End of the Universe,” because Pufferfish sits on the edge of the display universe—just where the display universe collides with both projection and virtual reality.

The “Puffers” brought two product versions to IBC. (Douglas Adams didn’t have to invent "Puffers" because the staff apparently volunteered for this appellation.)

The PufferSphere M and PufferSphere Pro products proved a hit with IBC visitors. The PufferSphere Pro showed 360° video content on a 2.5 metre screen, while the interactive PufferSphere M drew crowds clamouring to explore a library of 360° content from Blend Media.

Content creators such as Rewind, Jaunt, BBC R&D, VERA and Mann CG were all eager to see their content transformed into interactive visuals on PufferSphere technology.

Go Pufferfish