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Pansonic’s 84” 4K display at IBC 2016

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Panasonic LQ70L

At IBC 2016, Panasonic showcased their 84-inch 4K display, the LQ Series. With approximately 8,290,000 pixels, or about 4X the pixels of a Full-HD display, the high resolution of the LQ Series produces extremely detailed images.

With an optimal viewing distance of 1.5 times the screen height, it's an excellent choice for meeting rooms, where images are often viewed up close, and for creating impressive ambience in signage applications, where it can be expected to attract considerable attention from people passing by.

Panasonic has two LQ variations: the LQ70 series with protective glass which is designed to be used in fix installation where the product is in a public space and exposed to potential hits.

Meanwhile, the LQ70L series, comes without a protective glass layer, is lighter and has a higher perceived brightness, which is especially interesting for the AV rental industry.

With a 22% reduction in weight, just 105kg (98 inches) and 84kg (84 inches) as well as its special frame construction that's a fit for rental and staging companies, control room applications and conference rooms. Four different video format signals can be displayed on the same screen. Versatile, standard-equipped terminals allow easy quad-display operation on a single screen.

Panasonic LQ70L Retail

A new slot enables easy interface switching to match a variety of uses. A 4K interface will also be available in the future. Customizing interfaces let you easily expand business possibilities.

In addition to being impact resistant, the LQ Series is capable of constant, 24/7 operation. It offers reliable use in public spaces where many people gather, such as train stations, airports, and shopping malls, as well as installation in control rooms.

It is also equipped with a variety of input/output terminals for versatile applications.

When the 4K Displays are installed vertically, it can display a person in almost life-size dimensions. It is also ideal for digital signage use because it faithfully reproduces the textures and colors of a model's clothing and accessories. It helps to maintain a high-quality brand image. Vertical installation also has no effect on the lifetime of the panel.

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