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IBC 2016's Biggest Broadcast is its Success

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IBC 2016 Hall 14

Broadcasting is a parallel universe for pro AV, with many of the same technical challenges. Their link to mass communication and the world of entertainment tend to make them the rich cousins. And along with that, comes everything you hate and love about your rich relatives.

Attracting more than 1800 exhibitors and 55,000 attendees from 170 countries, IBC 2016 was a great success by any measure. In the opening keynote session Dominique Delport of Havas Media warned the audience that “the 50 year party is over”, but with the underlying IBC’s global theme of transformation, Delport – and every delegate and visitor – found much to be optimistic about.

You might summarize it this way: The King is Dead. Long live the King.

The King, of course, is content.

Broadcasting content as we knew is is…well, dead. Instead, there is a new world of content, thanks to a digital tornado of transformation that IBC has been riding for a few years.

Reflecting the state of the industry, the IBC conference took transformation as its theme. That theme was also reflected in the IBC Leaders’ Summit, the behind-closed-doors programme for 150 C-level Executives.

Nokia Ozo

Reflecting the opportunity that comes with digital transformation, 249 new companies, many digital disruptors, joined for their first IBC.

One important addition to the feature areas in the exhibition was the IBC IP Interoperability Zone, an initiative to push forward open standards in new connectivity. Supported by AIMS and the IABM and working with AES, AMWA, the EBU, SMPTE and VSF, IBC created a dedicated exhibit which demonstrated verified technical progress in IP interoperability and featured the award-winning VRT-EBU LiveIP studio which was used for IBCTV’s production at this year’s show.

One of the most popular sessions featured Ang Lee talking about – and demonstrating – how he has employed remarkable technology to create a strong sense of engagement in his new movie, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. Specially created for IBC, the clip from the forthcoming movie was projected at 120 frames per second in 4K 3D, using Christie’s 6P laser projection and Dolby Atmos.

Ang Lee was also the recipient this year of IBC’s highest award, the International Honour for Excellence, and his charming, funny, self-deprecating acceptance speech earned him a standing ovation from the packed Auditorium—the first-ever standing ovation as we understand. A full standing ovation from an industry that depends on its skepticism… Mr. Lee— that truly is quite a compliment.

The audience also saw the most unusual acceptance speech yet at an IBC Awards Ceremony. NASA received the Judges’ Prize, and IBC was thanked in a special message from astronaut Kate Rubins in the International Space Station. (You can see her in this photo below participating in the zero-gravity microphone toss. Yes, that is her ponytail floating above her.)

International Space Station Kate Rubens

The Auditorium was once again converted into the IBC Big Screen, and as well as the awards and Ang Lee’s keynote presentation, it was also the venue for two hugely popular movie screenings, both using Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos. The Jungle Book in 3D courtesy of our friends at the Walt Disney Company and the harrowing 19th century saga The Revenant kindly provided by 20th Century Fox.

“The continuing success of IBC is down to the hard work of a lot of people, staging an event that is relevant and engaging across the whole of our transforming industry,” concludes Michael Crimp, CEO of IBC “We continue to evolve, and I am confident that next year’s IBC – our 50th anniversary edition – will be even better.”

Two videos you might want to watch. First, the The Creative Keynote: The Future According to Puttnam.

Oscar-winning film producer, educationalist and politician Lord David Puttnam addressed a broad spectrum of issues including the extraordinary growth of Facebook and YouTube and the impact of technology on creativity in his unmissable keynote.

Then, an Interview with Greg Spence, Producer, Game of Thrones. After all, Winter is Coming.

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