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CEATEC 2016 Demos the Future

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Sharp 8K receiver

With 648 exhibitors (up 22%), and 145,180 visitors (up 9.1%), the annual Advanced Technology exhibition in Tokyo, CEATEC, serves as an important showplace for Japan's latest technology.

Contributing Editor Peter Weber returns from his CEATEC visit to share a few of the latest products that might interest our readers.

At CEATEC 2016, Sharp showed the world’s first 8K TV Receiver. [Shown in photo, at left.]

This bulky model will be used by NHK only to test reception of the trial transmissions, running in Japan since August 2016. Sharp intends to have TV sets with built-in 8K receiver ready for a roll-out in 2017 timed with the launch of regular 8K broadcasts by NHK in Japan in 2018.

Panasonic introduced the world's first camera with 3D stabilizer. Unaffected by any movement, the camera stays steady. This is especially interesting for all outdoor activity shooting with action cams or when used in drones. As face detection is also integrated, the camera can follow a person (despite frequent movement) to shoot clear images. [Shown in photo at bottom left.]

Clarion headphones

The smooth introduction of 8K equipment for the Japanese roll-out in 2018 is under way. Socionext-- in cooperation with NHK-- has developed the first real time 8K HEVC decoder LSI which conforms to BT 2073 for HEVC encoding. Volume shipping to manufacturers is planned in November 2016. Socionext also demonstrated the first 8K cable receiver based on their chip solution, available now to allow reception of the 8K satellite broadcast in cable networks.

Panasonic camera with 3D stabilizer

Music may now be digital but headphones are still analogue and need a D/A converter which influences sound quality. Clarion has developed the first fully digital speakers for in-car audio performance-- and now at CEATEC Clarion introduced the first fully digital headphones with the world’s first floating flat drivers based on the same technology. [Shown in photo at right.]

BORQS demonstrated its 4G Android terminal to operate orders and payments wirelessly from a small POS terminal with color display--as well as a solution to supply content wirelessly to large displays via 4G Android, shown for the first in public at CEATEC 2016.