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Maverick Exclusive for Skype Meeting Spaces Across Europe

Jon Sidwick

Maverick is the sole distribution partner across Europe for the new Skype Room Systems, a partnership between Microsoft and Skype announced in September 2016.

Maverick plans to invest in specialist services, teams and demonstration resources to support its pan-European sales of Microsoft Surface Hub and the new Skype Room System from Microsoft and Logitech.

The move sees a dedicated demonstration facility being created in each Maverick’s European offices with demo equipment available for integration partners to use for end user training and sales. Each region will have a dedicated Skype meeting space expert with extensive platform and product experience

Maverick has also launched a dedicated Microsoft Surface Hub delivery service, with specialist vehicles and logistics services to support the products’ carefully selected ADR partners.

Jon Sidwick, Managing Director of Maverick Europe, [shown in photo] explains, “The opportunity for the channel with the Skype for Business platform is huge and we have been working with both Microsoft and Logitech to create this unique kit solution which we will be bringing exclusively to market. We are expanding our team in line with demand and the market opportunity of over 4000 meeting spaces across Europe who will gravitate towards Skype as an intuitive and scalable platform. For presentation and meeting spaces the Microsoft Surface Hub is the ultimate. tool, but the Skype Room System means that even small meetings can benefit from a simple and professional solution.”

“Our sole distribution and the development of the new Logitech SmartDock with Microsoft is the perfect example of the New World of AV, where technology powerhouses come together to solve a problem. SmartDock’s mission is to simplify the Skype for Business meeting room experience. The next era of meeting technology is all about smart solutions that work with how people already conduct business.

Maverick will be distributing a Microsoft and Logitech technology bundle of the interactive touch screen: a Microsoft Surface 4, and the Logitech SmartDock solution to create the Skype Room System collaboration experience, available from mid-November 2016.

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