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Pexip Infinity V13 Introduces Automated “Cloud Bursting”

Pexip cloud

Pexip releases the newest version of its collaboration software platform, Infinity V13, which enables fully-automated resource cloud bursting to Amazon Web Services.

The Infinity platform allows organizations of any size to improve work efficiency by tying together enterprise communication solutions such as Microsoft Skype for Business, traditional video and telephone conferencing, and web-based communications.

Pexip Infinity is an entirely software-based platform that can deploy in an organization’s data center, in a public or private cloud or any hybrid combination. By distributing media across any number of virtual machines, it reduces the amount of network bandwidth consumed.

With the growing adoption of enterprise-wide collaboration and conferencing, it’s becoming increasingly complex for IT administrators to plan for sufficient capacity. Enterprises face the challenge of supporting large numbers of users with collaboration tools such as video, audio, and web conferencing. And as the number of users in an organization increases, so does the demand for resources.

To address this problem, Pexip Infinity V13 now allows for fully automated Dynamic Hybrid Cloud functionality to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Pexip Infinity deployments now have the ability to automatically burst into the AWS cloud when primary conferencing capabilities are reaching their capacity limits, thus providing additional temporary conferencing resources.

This unique industry-first functionality enables an automatic expansion from an on-premise deployment to the AWS cloud service whenever scheduled or unplanned usage requires it. The AWS cloud conferencing resources are only started up when required and are automatically stopped again when capacity demand normalizes, ensuring that AWS costs are minimized.

Pexip Infinity can span physical and virtual locations, and automatically burst to scalable compute in the cloud.

This feature provides Pexip’s customers with the ability to leverage the best that cloud hosting has to offer without incurring the heavy costs associated with always-on services.

Additionally, Pexip Infinity v13 adds lots of enhancements to the user experience and allows for greater client customization:

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