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Samsung: World’s First Tizen-Powered Premium Displays

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Samsung Electronics’ global launch of its P-Series standalone SMART signage shows off the world’s first Tizen-powered premium displays. Tizen is an open source platform.

The P-Series displays, including the PHF (700nit brightness) and PMF (500nit brightness; except 32-inch display) models, will also be the first to feature the up-graded 4th gen Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSSP 4.0).

According to Samsung, their partners prefer an open source platform for standard web APIs rather than closed platform. The new P-Series displays, powered by Tizen, feature the advantages of a cross-architecture, open source platform based on a comprehensive standards-based HTML5 implementation. The new displays also will enable easier web app development with an upgraded Tizen Emulator and new Remote Debugging Tool.

The slim-designed PHF (43-, 49- and 55-inch) and PMF (32-, 43-, 49- and 55-inch) series standalone displays are the first in Samsung’s line-up to showcase content using the SSSP 4.0’s reinforced graphics engine. As result, the P-Series displays enjoy animation performance 3X better than that of previous SSSP iterations, including enhanced response times and seamless playback. P-Series users relying on real-time audience engagement gain expanded options to deliver clear content. The displays support smooth transitions between a variety of formats, without black screens or interruptions.

Samsung P-Series

The Tizen-powered P-Series displays are designed for uninterrupted, 24/7. Both the PHF and PMF models are IP5X certified..

As an all-in-one signage alternative, Samsung’s P-Series displays condense complex display operations into a single, easy-to-navigate hub that does not require external PCs or devices to function. With the new MagicInfo Server 4.0, users can manage their entire signage portfolio through a central remote server in real time and make adjustments across individual displays or display groups from any location. A complementary toolset, including the Web Simulator and Tizen Emulator programs, further extends content development opportunities by enabling users to build and launch web-based management applications directly within the SSSP 4.0 platform.

Samsung’s P-Series displays also contain an integrated centralized infrared receiver (IR) to drive more convenient operation. Although hidden from view, the centralized IR is compatible with remote control devices and drives faster and easier navigation than most standard displays, which place the IR component in harder-to-operate corner locations, allow.

A slim-depth (29.9 mm.) and narrow bezel (6.9 mm.) design makes Samsung’s P-Series displays among the thinnest on the market.

As the Tizen-backed P-Series displays enter the marketplace, Signagelive, a global cloud-based digital signage technology platform provider, recently migrated its media player software to SSSP 4.0. The implementation makes Signagelive’s platform fully compatible with Samsung’s SMART Signage line-up, and accelerates customer deployment.

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