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360Helios Cinematic 360 Video Rig


For VR and AR, you need 360-degree content with high quality, cinematic grade imaging. This nascent imdustry will be only as good as the content—and the cameras.

The 360Helios cinematic 360 video rig is here. True digital film quality, genlock capabilities, RAW capture and 13 stops of dynamic range make the 360Helios the tool to capture VR/360 content.

“We've created a proprietary micro 4/3 lens for the 360Helios ecosystem. This 190-degree 2.7mm f/2.3 fisheye lens offers optimum frame overlap and a shallow form factor. These features allow filmmakers to correct parallax issues to allow subjects to get closer to the rig, to "stitch out" rigging and the ability to film in low-light conditions,” says Michael Kintner, CEO/Founder and Inventor of 360RIZE 360 Video and Photo Gear.

“The 360Helios Bullet control system is an integral component of our ecosystem that allows users to simultaneously control and power multiple Blackmagic Design cameras. This system controls up to 8 cameras remotely or wirelessly with the 360Helios Bullet web app (available for iOS, Android, PC, Mac) and is compatible with our full 360Helios product line. This remote access includes the ability to utilize Futaba wireless control to operate the cameras simultaneously.”

The 360Helios system is designed to have the smallest possible form factor for positioning Blackmagic Design cameras for spherical capture. The 360Helios holders position custom lenses as close to the nodal center of the rig as physically possible. Due to the 360Helios rig’s design and the shallow form factor of the lenses themselves, each camera’s lens is closer to those directly adjacent to it in the configuration.

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