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WEYELdistribution Becomes DACH Distributor for JOAN

Christian Weyel

WEYELdistribution GmbH, a wholesaler and distributor in the digital signage and AV industries, now also has under their wing JOAN’s users from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

JOAN is a meeting room booking solution developed by Visionect. It books meeting rooms through company calendars or on the spot through its intuitive interface and  E Ink epaper screen. It is easily attached to any surface with a specially designed magnetic mount that doesn’t require any tools, is cableless in its operation and features a battery autonomy of months.

It is 99% more energy efficient than LCD or LED technologies. JOAN, the recipient of the 2016 Red Dot Product Design and CES Innovation awards, says it simplifies room booking and improves office usability, eliminating meeting room conflict and helping people work better.

JOAN offers user interfaces in German (as well as French, English, Italian, and more)-- so the needs of the DACH region (including multilingual Switzerland) are covered.

WEYELdistribution represents brands such as SpinetiX, Barco and BOSE. “We concentrate on the leading suppliers of the industry and therefore welcome the partnership with Visionect as a way of expanding our service. Because of the advantages JOAN offers in the areas of installation and user-friendliness, we are really excited about adding JOAN to our portfolio,” comments Christian Weyel, CEO of WEYELdistribution. [Shown in photo with a JOAN unit in hand.]

Matej Zalar, Visionect’s CEO, adds, “The DACH region is an important segment for us and we are happy to be able to cater to its multilingual needs. Aligning development with customer feedback has been ingrained in JOAN’s development from the early beginning. Customer input brings JOAN the competitive advantage that sets it apart from other room booking solutions.”

JOAN Room booking solution

During JOAN's lean product development process, famous corporate clients got involved in JOAN’s design, defining the meeting room label’s functionality and design from its inception onwards. The input of the companies and individuals using JOAN proved an essential part of JOAN’s development, resulting in a digital scheduling solution which is tailored to users’ needs and their request for elegance and simplicity.

Parent company Visionect is known as the developer of an ultra low power display platform that uses 99% less power than LCD or LED technologies. This enables the use of digital displays in environments previously not possible. Their electronic paper display is being used by more than 500 companies across the globe and has been setting a new benchmark in the digital signage industry for nearly a decade.

Go JOAN Meeting Room Booking Solution

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