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Avenview’s Newest Signage Player

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Avenview Corp releases a digital signage player, the AVSignPro (MP-1080HD). With a hardware based, fanless design, the AVSignPro is positioned as an easy-to- use, plug-and-play device that comes with its own software for content management.

The Avenview AVSignPro comes with features to let users to turn any display into a marketing tool and use it to entertain, inform and communicate with customers, shoppers, employees or students.

Professional HD or 4K quality content can be displayed 24/7 with a flexible and responsive setup.

The AVSignPro manages and displays menu boards, hospitality screens, retail displays, campus signage, corporate communications and more.

Built-in widgets are available to display information or news feeds, and custom widgets can also be installed, while multi zone screen layouts add a design feature.

Scheduling and fast updates ensure that users can display the content they want, at the exact times and dates that are relevant.

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