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Our (Your) Top Stories of 2016

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rAve EORPE Top Stories 2016

Our “Top Stories of 2016” are your top stories: the articles that engaged you the most.

You would think it would an easy matter to pull out the top stories off a web site. You simply go to the articles directory and ask for a report on the number of clicks.

But it is not quite that easy. Because a good story grows in readership the longer it stays online. It’s not fair to measure an article that went online in February against an article in November. That would be like comparing the goals of one football player with 10 years in the league against a rookie with only one year. Clearly not fair.

So we built a small algorithm that attempts to predict clicks over the same period of time.

It may also be wrong to measure one type of article against another. For example, do articles on Industry News, Guest Editorials, Products News, Appointments, Show News and other types deserve to be ranked all together? That’s like trying to rank a striker's performance against a goalie's. Both are part of a team but serve different functions. Again, it doesn't seem fair to rank them both on the same list. We couldn’t build an algorithm to measure that.

And is it fair to measure an article by quantity of clicks in a very popular category (projectors for one example) against a more specialized product interest (such as video security cameras)? That would be like collecting votes on a player for Man United vs a player for a local town team.  While each player could be equally important to his team, the amount of fans makes a difference before you even start a vote. We couldn’t make an algorithm for that, either.

With those admitted shortcomings (Hey, we aren’t Google, so our algorithm-building ability is limited…), we pulled out 90 top articles from more than 2000+ in 2016 that got the most reader attention.

For reasons discussed above, these 2016 articles are ranked only in reverse chronological order. We begin with the latest and go back to the beginning of the year 2016. Back to the days just before the last ISE… in blocks of 10 articles just to make it easier for you to read…and we’ve added a link to each article in case you missed it.

See you in 2017!

90. ISE 2017: The Halls They Are A Changin’…

89. Google's Jamboard

88. Extron Room Scheduling Now Integrates with Office 365

87. Missing Link: NEC MultiPresenter

86. Panasonic Space Player Shines on Possibilities

85. First Professional Bluetooth Audio Networked Solutions

84. Omron: Spatial Projection Displays are the Future

83. Samsung Buys Harman in $8 Billion Cash Deal

82. Absen and Clear Channel Partnership Takes Off at Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport

81. Samsung: World’s First Tizen-Powered Premium Displays


80. Specktron Unveils Premium Video Wall Range

79. JOAN 9.7" Limited Edition Launches at Orgatec

78. Extron Ships 17" Capacitive TouchLink Pro Touchpanels

77. World’s Lightest & Most Compact 4K+ Laser Projector (10,000 lm Class)

76. Neets Control Systems and Barco ClickShare Together

75. Extron's HDMI Cable Equalizer for 4K/60 Sources

74. In-Building Wireless Market at $16.71 Billion by 2020

73. Murideo Releases Fresco SIX-A & Fresco SIX-G Combo

72. Panasonic’s DIGITAL LINK with Long Reach Mode

71. Samsung Declares End-of-Life for Transparent OLED


70. Futuresource Expects Projector Market Value to Climb

69. VuWall Launches CoScape, Wireless Presentation System

68. Radial's 4-channel Audio Snake, the Catapult

67. Ricoh's Unified Communication System, the P3500M

66. Extron Ships the AV Industry's First 4K/60 @ 4:4:4 HDMI Scalers

65. The Expanding $3.4bn Video Wall Market

64. What’s Digital Instore in 2016

63. Vision VFM-W Range, Flat Panel Mounts

62. There's NO Polycom-Mitel Deal; Siris Capital Steps In

61. It's All About the (Specialty) Keyboard...


60. Christie's AP Series of Compact, Affordable Projectors

59. How Protecting Your Data Privacy Will Affect Your Cloud & Managed Services Business

58. Extron Video: Benefits of 4:4:4 Signal Processing

57. TesiraLUX: The “V” in AVB

56. Leyard: "CarbonLight" Flexible LED Display Solutions

55. Foxconn Acquire a 66.67% Stake in SMART

54. Murideo Fresco SIX-A: The Next Analyzer

53. Sony’s CLEDIS, Large-Scale Display Solution with Tiles

52. Christie, the Immersive Festival & Spain’s 1st Permanent 360° Dome

51. AV LEADERS: Interview with Ed Cook, CEO, AVMI


50. Cisco: Video Conferencing Presenters to Move Around

49. Interoperability Declared Dead at EC16 by Simon Dudley, CEO, Excession Events

48. Global Projector Value Drops 3X Faster than Unit Sales

47. Bosch Building Integration System Adds Public Address and Improved Cyber Security

46. World’s First Self-stitching 360° VR Cam Capable of 4K Live Streaming

45. Ricoh’s Next Generation of Ultra-Short Throw

44. Qorvo Acquires GreenPeak Technologies

43. Portrait Displays Buys SpectraCal

42. The Calibre of a Winner

41. No Bigger than a Matchbox, Black Box 4K Extender


40. What Does the Control4/Pakedge Deal Really Mean?

39. Panasonic’s BF1 Series PC-less Whiteboard

38. V-Towers, Portable LED Screen Support

37. 720,000 watts: GRAMMY AWARDS Rocks with Powersoft Amplifiers

36. Amate Audio’s Curved Compact Array Cabinet

35. What Do IoT and Smart Home Device Makers Need to Know to Connect Their Devices to the Web

34. Displays No Longer Dominate the Living Room by Christopher Jaynes, Founder and CTO of Mersive

33. One Integrator’s Look at ISE 2016 by Steve Franklin, Technical Director, Cinos, UK

32. Barix Adds Subscription Model for SoundScape

31. Inviframe: AV Stumpfl Does Backdrops


30. Edbak Wins Best of Show Award for Pop-out Wall Mount

29. Logitech to Transform How Teams Use Video Conferencing

28. Oblong’s Mezzanine 3 Brings “Infopresence”

27. NEC Launches Laser Projector Lineup in PX Series

26. Optoma Shows Laser & 4K UHD Projection

25. Epson Debuts EB-L25000 25K Lumen 3LCD Projector, Targets Install Market With Plethora of Projectors

24. Five Major Launches at ISE for Christie

23. Kramer vs Kramer – Meet the AV Over IP Network

22. Extron Intros High Performance Control Processor with Dedicated AV LAN Port

21. Chinese Company Buys Ingram Micro


20. Edbak Brings New Products-- and a Taste of Poland to ISE 2016

19. Techconnect Package for Microsoft Surface Hub

18. Biamp’s Devio Collaboration Tool For Huddle Rooms

17. Black Box Demos AV/Conference Room Control System

16. Playback Comparison: Media Players and Video Wall Controllers

15. Extron Introduces eBUS for AV System Control

14. Christie with Three New Boxer Models

13. Displaying Hundreds of IP Cameras on a Video Wall

12. World's Largest Stationary Projection Diorama

11. Sony Lights Up the Smart Room


10. B.E.G. Wins “Choice of Installers” Award at 2015 KNX PlugFest

09. Crestron Ships Huddle Room Package

08. BenQ to Showcase Software Integration at ISE 2016

07. Folding Projection Screen

06. Extron Shipping Mic/Line to Dante Audio Interface

05. HDMI Splitter from Vision

04. Extron Ships DTP CrossPoint 86 4K Scaling Matrix Switcher

03. The Force is with Christie at Star Wars World Premiere

02. Specktron with Latest Interactive LED Displays at ISE 2016

01. Next Step in Flat Screens? It’s Optical Laser Panels


Editor's Note: For reasons discussed above, these articles are in chronological order. We begin with the latest and go back to the beginning of the year 2016. Back to the days just before ISE 2016…