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Is This The Future of Routers?

Almond 3

The Almond 3 Smart Home Wi-Fi System features mesh networking and combines smart home hub, home security system and voice control through Amazon Alexa —into one device.

With Almond 3 homeowners get a device that provides whole home wi-fi, a hub to control smart home devices, a built-in siren for home security, and voice control through Amazon Alexa –in one device. Multiple Almond 3 units can be combined to create a wi-fi network that eliminates dead zones across the home.

Named by Popular Science as a 2016 Best of What’s New winner and the 2017 CES Innovation Awards for the Smart Home category, Almond 3 comes standard with multiple features that the maker says is not available on any other wi-fi routers with mesh functionality.

Almond 3’s integration with Alexa lets you use voice to control smart devices. Even the guest network can be enabled and disabled using only voice commands.

You can wirelessly connect, monitor and control smart devices like the Nest thermostat, Amazon Echo, Philips Hue lights, and other ZigBee devices including light bulbs, door and window sensors, locks, and more.

With the Almond rule engine and IFTTT integration, you can easily create otherwise complex automation workflows featuring multiple triggers that prompt multiple actions and also setup delays between actions. While Almond’s rule engine is powerful enough all on its own, the Almond Channel on IFTTT provides access to a wide range of third party services.

Almond 3 is the world’s first router with a built-in siren. Add door, window, or motion sensors around a house for this home security system. The complete system with three sirens (each at 100 decibel) howling together can scare off any potential intruder.

The Almond 3 Smart Home Wi-Fi System also comes with a free Almond companion app (iOS & Android) that lets you control your Almond 3 and connected devices. Services like parental controls, sophisticated Wi-Fi device management, home automation and home security can be easily managed from the Almond app.

Internet Security features like tracking browsing history and monitoring bandwidth will be launched in the coming weeks.

Alongside Almond 3, Securifi is also introducing a smart button, Almond Click, that can be paired with Almond to control all connected smart home devices, and will start shipping in December. With three actions — press, double press, long press-- Almond Click makes it easy to control smart devices, and eliminates the need to open an app every time you want to adjust something. It’s compact and portable that can be either stuck to a wall-- or even used as a keychain.

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